Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Science & NatureNatureBirdhouse making motto:  Reuse, recycle, repurpose, upcycle

Birdhouse making motto:  Reuse, recycle, repurpose, upcycle

Talk to Jen Zeitz in Almonte and you will learn of her passion for recycling and her preference for reusing what we have rather than throwing it out and getting more “Stuff”.   Jen is well located in the community at Rebound which, along with the Hub, is the heart of recycling in the area.   It allows Jen’s creativity to run wild and the products are stunning as we saw in Rebound’s pre-Christmas show.

Jen and Pat Bradley-White have got together a group at Rebound who are making birdhouses for the auction.  They spent time in Rebound, each gathering items they thought they could combine to make a unique birdhouse.  They are working on their houses individually, coming together to brainstorm problems, and then each finishing their own birdhouse.  What a great model!!  Even better, they are taking photos “before” and “after”.

To whet your creativity here is one “before” photo.  Jen explains,  “What we have is a candlestick and curtain final for a spire of sorts. The face of a clock and a crafter’s box will comprise the main house.  I am working out how to hinge a door to clean out the house.   My inspiration is Almonte’s Clock Tower!”

Don’t know what kind of birdhouse to make?  Why not team up with a friend or two, go to Rebound or the Hub, inspire each other, have fun, pick up some items, and borrow Jen and Pat’s model for helping each other ignite creativity!

Remember to register your entry for the auction before April 14, please contact Glenda Jones at aljones@xplornet.com or Barbara Carroll at barbaracarroll493@gmail.com .  All proceeds from the auction will help fund the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust and the High Lonesome Nature Reserve. (www.mmlt.ca)




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