Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Neighborhood Yard Sale, May 25

Neighborhood Yard Sale On Spring Street between Gale...

Be a Home Hospice North Lanark Hero!

Wondering what happened to our Spring Auction...
Science & NatureNatureBirdhouses: Men’s Shed to the rescue

Birdhouses: Men’s Shed to the rescue

Lila Duffy and Randy Zorgel with their completed bluebird houses at the first workshop.

Did you miss out on the first birdhouse workshop? You now have a second chance. Ron Lavoie will offer the four-hour course again on March 31. He will supply the plans and the expertise for up to four participants who will come away with a basic bluebird house ready for decoration. The cost is a nominal $25.00 for materials, and no experience is necessary, and teens to seniors are welcome

To sign up for this Birdhouse Workshop on March 30 (9-12 a.m. and  1-4 p.m.), please contact Rob Lavoie directly at (613)256-3436 or at Then get out the art supplies and make a beauty for the Birdhouse Bonanza.  Entries will be received up to April 14 at

For more on the birdhouse auction, contact




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