Colourful walk back in time at Blueberry Mountain 

There is no better place in Lanark County to witness the panoramic spectacle of fall colours than from the summit of Blueberry Mountain.  This singularly beautiful display of nature remains central to our upcoming event on Sunday, October 1st, but it will be enriched this fall by the opportunity to learn about the ancient plants and geological features that made cliffLAND special.

Ecologist Dr. Paul Keddy recently visited Blueberry Mountain and added to our understanding of its history. Nearby Flower Round Lake is known to have been formed 9,500 years ago  with a surrounding terrain of post-glacial herbaceous plants and small shrubs, followed by pine and spruce forest, and then some 7,500 years ago deciduous trees such as maple, beech and oak had moved in to form our present day forests.

But on Blueberry Mountain and similar large high ridges where trees cannot grow, those post-glacial cliff and rock barren plants can still be found – such as Bearberry, Bristly Sarsparilla, Rusty Weedsia fern, Bastard Toadflax, Pinweed and Cow-wheat.  These plants are part of an ancient ecological community harkening back so many centuries.

On Sunday, October 1st, at our annual Blueberry Mountain Fall Colours Walk, you are invited to join the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust not only for the spectacular views of a brilliant vista of colour, but also to learn about the unique features that define this geographic location. Registration is at 10:00 a.m.  A donation of $10 per person is requested and children 12 and under are free.  Children under 12 will be awarded certificates for making the climb.  Refreshments will be served after the walk.

Blueberry Mountain is located at 502 Hills of Peace Rd. near Flower Station in Lanark Highlands.  Drive north of Lanark on Highway 511 to Brightside.  Turn left on to the French Line Rd.  Drive towards Flower Station and watch for the right turn when you get to Joe’s Lake. Just before you reach Flower Station, turn right on to Hills of Peace Rd.  A map is available at  For more information, please contact Howard or Jean Clifford at 613-259-3412.