by Brent Eades

So first the Civitans sent me a notice about their annual homemade toutiere and cherry pie sale. I set that on ‘auto-schedule’ for the following week… and auto-schedule didn’t work.

Then the Civitans sent me a polite reminder, which I missed and only posted yesterday… and I managed to miss the key info, which is how to order one of these lovely pies. Here it is:

Just in time for the holiday season, or for treating the family to a delicious supper along with dessert at any time. Almonte Civitan members will be gathering very soon to make you the most delicious tourtieres and yummy cherry pies ever. But you need to order yours by Wednesday, November 22 – don’t wait until it’s too late. Tourtieres are $15 and cherry pies are $12.
To place your order, call (613) 256-6234 and leave a message, contact any Civitan member, or email
Your supper and dessert will be awaiting your pick-up on Wednesday, November 29th , from 1 to 6 pm, at the Almonte Civitan Community Hall. Not only will you be getting a wonderful meal, you will also be supporting your community as all proceeds go to support a variety of community organizations, events and unique needs.

So folks — you have two more days to order a great homemade pie at a great price, and also to save me further embarrassment. Yeesh. Apologies to all for the mix-ups.