Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Science & NatureNatureCalling all local birdhouse builders

Calling all local birdhouse builders

Last year’s online birdhouse auction returns April 18-29, 2022.  The proceeds go to the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust to enable them to continue improving High Lonesome Nature Reserve with new fencing, parking area, signs and trail markers, and protection for Monarch butterflies.  The fundraising goal is $7,500.

To make it happen we need birdhouse builders and buyers. The buyers get their chance later.  In February and March, we need donations from birdhouse builders.  Last year we had 52 birdhouses donated for sale.  Let’s see if we can outdo ourselves this year!

Donating a birdhouse couldn’t be easier.  Houses will be accepted up to April 14.  There is no age restriction. Last year the oldest builder was 88 and the youngest was 8. There is no entry fee, and a tax receipt will be issued after the auction.  Every house will be displayed on the auction website along with the builder’s name.

There will be several categories, including one for children, with prizes for the houses garnering the highest bids.  Houses can functional (birds can nest in them) or ornamental (no admittance for birds), or even both! Imagination can run to the exotic, the fanciful, the colourful, or the humorous.

Houses can be traditional or funky, and for any kind of local bird.  Any kind of material can be used.  They can be made from yarn, glass, metal, ceramics, wood, fabric, or whatever. They can be large or small.  They can be garnished with buttons, beads, ornaments, twigs, or anything you have around.  They can be made of new material or from recycled/upcycled material as is being done at the Hub and Rebound.  It’s a good cause to improve property we can all enjoy.

Let’s make it happen!

If you have a birdhouse to donate, please contact:  Glenda Jones at 613-256-6479 or Barbara Carroll at




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