EDITOR’S NOTE: I just came across this post on Facebook. It appears a customer who ordered food for 150 people from Jessica’s Syrian Food, the catering firm run by Almonte’s Jarous family, has cancelled that order. So they’re looking to find buyers for that food. From personal experience, I can say it is excellent.

UPDATE: The Jarous family has sold all the food that otherwise would have gone to waste, and has even received some new orders.

From Facebook:

Customer of 150 people just CANCELLED their order from Jessica’s Syrian Food. As a result, JSF has the following items ready made — great to put in the freezer or eat now:

50 Spinach pies ($3 each)
50 Meat pies (these are divine with a squirt of lemon on ’em; $3 each)
50 Shish taouk ($5 per skewer)
75 fried Kibbe ($3 each)

Please contact Nour directly if you can help take some/all of this yummy food: 613-371-1230, noureltarsha@gmail.com or Goldana Jarous.