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An Artist's Notes

Notes from local artist Eileen Hennemann about her paintings.

An Artist’s Notes | Kids’ Stuff    

I have lost count how many times I’ve waded in a shallow river instead of walking along the path beside it. I’ve done this many...

An Artist’s Notes | The Dodd House    

When we return from Carleton Place we usually turn on to Rae Road to go home. Sometimes we continue to Almonte Street to turn right,...

An Artist’s Notes: Mill Street

It’s not Main Street, it’s Mill Street. Main Street is up between Mary and Martin Streets. But Mill Street is our downtown main street. If...

An Artist’s Notes: Bay Hill

We’ve lived here long enough now that we aren’t referred to as being from "away”. It’s nice to feel we’re part of the town...

An Artist’s Notes: Gleeson Side Road, Almonte

I can’t pretend to know much of anything about living on a farm. There would be so very much more to learn than just...

An Artist’s Notes: After the Rain

I asked some country friends what they felt after the rain had passed. Some quickly responded with how their world looked so clean, fresh and...

An Artist’s Notes: Country Street

The Great Ice Storm of 1998 was called "the most devastating and least ferocious of Canadian disasters”. I’m inclined to agree with that. It was a...

An Artist’s Notes: The Road to Middleville

Wolf Grove Road is a long, almost straight road going east from Hopetown to Almonte. On the way you go through Middleville, which is not...

An Artist’s Notes: 8th Line of Ramsay

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first of an occasional series from local artist Eileen Hennemann, in which she presents some of her works and explains...


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