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An Artist's Notes

Notes from local artist Eileen Hennemann about her paintings.

An Artist’s Notes | Sunday Drive

When I was a little kid my parents would take me and my baby...

An Artist’s Notes | Feeding Time

A local photographer, Trevor Johnston, visited Rock-N-Horse Farm and took several evocative photos of...

An Artist’s Notes | Kids’ Stuff    

I have lost count how many times I’ve waded in a shallow river instead...

An Artist’s Notes | The Dodd House    

When we return from Carleton Place we usually turn on to Rae Road to...

An Artist’s Notes: Mill Street

It’s not Main Street, it’s Mill Street. Main Street is up between Mary and Martin...

An Artist’s Notes: Bay Hill

We’ve lived here long enough now that we aren’t referred to as being from...

An Artist’s Notes: Gleeson Side Road, Almonte

I can’t pretend to know much of anything about living on a farm. There...

An Artist’s Notes: After the Rain

I asked some country friends what they felt after the rain had passed. Some quickly...

An Artist’s Notes: Country Street

The Great Ice Storm of 1998 was called "the most devastating and least ferocious of...

An Artist’s Notes: The Road to Middleville

Wolf Grove Road is a long, almost straight road going east from Hopetown to...


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