Photo Corner

Painted curtains on shop windows create a magical street

by Edith Cody-Rice The charm of Mill Street is dressed up with these painted curtains that were added to shop windows by  Jeff Banks of...

A gorgeous rainbow

Reader Marilyn Snedden sent in this picture of  the most  beautiful rainbow  she has ever seen. She wrote " It was 5 pm on Sunday...

Historic Almonte website set up by Brent Eades with photos from Michael Dunn

Almonte residents will be interested in this site which contains 18 pages of historical photographs of Almonte. Reader Joan Levesque alerted us to this...

The Mississippi River at Almonte

Photographer Bob Wake submitted this picture. He thinks it has the look and feel of an old Ektachrome slide photo.

New contributor Bob Wake publishes a photo on Google Earth.

This picture of the Carleton Place City Hall, submitted by our new contributor Bob Wake, was chosen by Google Earth to illustrate Carleton Place.

Photography Matters holds successful first photo walk

by Hagen Hohn On Saturday, July 23rd, the Photography Matters group held a photo-walk through Carleton Place, in memory of Paul Nelson. Lanark County has...

There’s no truth in photography

by John T. Fowler These days everyone knows how powerful image editing programs like Photoshop can be, and people tend to fear that any use...

Cat on a fire hydrant

 Photo submitted by reader Donovan Aldoph

What’s a freedtard?

by John T. Fowler A freetard is someone who wants to use your photos without paying for the right to do so, usually for...

Photo Corner

By John T. Fowler, Photo Editor This photographic column will be a regular feature in the contents of the Millstone News. We’ll keep it short and...


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