Photo Corner

Along the river

Trevor Johnston shares this quite gorgeous photo he took with his iPhone today, of the river looking towards downtown. Such a lovely town we have the...

This will warm you up

by Brent Eades So we're back to the kind of brutal cold -- minus 31 windchill forecast for overnight -- that makes you reluctant to...

If the water doesn’t fall, is it still a waterfall?

by Brent Eades That question occurred to me as I stopped by -- very briefly, since the windchill was minus 37°C -- to photograph the almost...

Warmer days ahead

by Brent Eades As we endure yet another day of absurdly cold weather -- with a windchill of minus 36 forecast for tonight -- it's...

27 below

Nathan Rudyk sends along this photo... makes me cold just looking at it. Says Nathan: "Because weather stories are the best Canadian stories" ... here's...

Sledding at Gemmill on Christmas Eve

Christine Moses sends along these excellent shots of families enjoying the toboggan run at Gemmill Park yesterday.

Blakeney Rapids birds-eye

by Brent Eades I took the drone out yesterday morning and got a couple of interesting shots of the Blakeney Rapids area. This was shortly...

Kathleen Frye’s Halloween Pumpkin

Almonte resident Kathleen Frye carves complicated Halloween pumpkins every year. Her display of pumpkins draws children to her front lawn. Here is an example...

Our little town

by Brent Eades You'll know that I recently bought a camera drone. Between family events and inclement weather I've had little chance to use it...

Fall colours from the air

by Brent Eades I bought a camera drone recently -- that was inevitable given my interest in photography. After a few days learning how to...


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