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A century ago in Almonte

by Brent Eades I was looking through the wonderful collection of historic Almonte photos that Michael Dunn shared with me sixteen years ago for my Almonte.com...

If the water doesn’t fall, is it still a waterfall?

by Brent Eades That question occurred to me as I stopped by -- very briefly, since the windchill was minus 37°C -- to photograph the almost...

Survivor of Almonte Train Wreck sends photos

We received the following letter and photos from the caregiver of a survivor of the horrific train wreck in Almonte in 1942: Margaret Lisinski, together with two...

Historic Almonte website set up by Brent Eades with photos from Michael Dunn

Almonte residents will be interested in this site which contains 18 pages of historical photographs of Almonte. Reader Joan Levesque alerted us to this...

A gorgeous rainbow

Reader Marilyn Snedden sent in this picture of  the most  beautiful rainbow  she has ever seen. She wrote " It was 5 pm on Sunday...

VIDEO: The Riverwalk

by Brent Eades I've been tinkering with new camera gear lately -- a GoPro Hero 5 coupled with a Karma Grip stabilizer. The results are...

Barns in the river at Fairgrounds

Brent Eades I stopped by the Fairgrounds today and saw that both the livestock barns were surrounded by water -- I don't recall seeing this...

Kevin Casey sends fall photos from the Mill of Kintail

Local photographer Kevin Casey has provided these lovely photos taken at the Mill of Kintail recently. He says: I have been on the trails at...

Blakeney Rapids birds-eye

by Brent Eades I took the drone out yesterday morning and got a couple of interesting shots of the Blakeney Rapids area. This was shortly...


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