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Peter Nelson’s travels – more from Australia


Peter Nelson’s travels – Australian photos

by Peter Nelson As winter has descended on us, it might be nice to think about a warmer clime.

Peter Nelson’s travels – The end at Land’s End

by Peter Nelson “Hanging on for dear life” is a phrase you hear a lot, but it never applied to me until now. I had...

Peter Nelson’s travels: Land’s End Cornwall England

by Peter Nelson Ok, all systems go. Time for the big climb, the whole shebang. Starting from just above the ocean, where there’s a large...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Cornwall, England

by Peter Nelson Hitchhiking can be very dangerous! But, no, not in the way you might think it’s dangerous. It’s not that the drivers who...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Japan

by Peter Nelson All in all, Japan is one amazing country.  I was there 3 times, over the period from 1966 to 1975.  It’s a...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Northern Japan

by Peter Nelson   I’d have to say that we found Japan to be the most civilized country.  Why?  They sell peanut butter!  Hallelujah!  Finally!  We...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Communal bathing in Japan

by Peter Nelson Along with many other new customs to learn in Japan, the way they bathe in the exotic Orient is very different from...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Japan – How to defeat evil spirits

by Peter Nelson Evil spirits are very powerful.  And they’re crafty devils too.  Everybody knows that.  But what you probably didn’t know is that, when...

Peter Nelson’s travels – The silent beauty of Japan

by Peter Nelson How polite are the Japanese? I’m glad you asked. One time when we were hitching, we had people who were travelling in...


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