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Peter Nelson's Travels

Peter Nelson’s travels – more from Australia


Peter Nelson’s travels – Australian photos

by Peter Nelson As winter has descended on us, it might be nice to think...

Peter Nelson’s travels – The end at Land’s End

by Peter Nelson “Hanging on for dear life” is a phrase you hear a lot,...

Peter Nelson’s travels: Land’s End Cornwall England

by Peter Nelson Ok, all systems go. Time for the big climb, the whole...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Cornwall, England

by Peter Nelson Hitchhiking can be very dangerous! But, no, not in the way you...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Japan

by Peter Nelson All in all, Japan is one amazing country.  I was there 3...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Northern Japan

by Peter Nelson   I’d have to say that we found Japan to be the most...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Communal bathing in Japan

by Peter Nelson Along with many other new customs to learn in Japan, the way...

Peter Nelson’s travels – Japan – How to defeat evil spirits

by Peter Nelson Evil spirits are very powerful.  And they’re crafty devils too.  Everybody knows...

Peter Nelson’s travels – The silent beauty of Japan

by Peter Nelson How polite are the Japanese? I’m glad you asked. One time when...


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