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Vallentyne Bake raises $4,500 for AGH

Big hugs, and thank you for all the support and generosity from everyone at HFT (donut shop) in Almonte. Best record to date -- we...

Winter getting to you? Force spring indoors!

by Judy Wall Late January, through early March, is a great time to take branches from your favorite flowering trees or shrubs to force blooms...

Shaking Beef

by Susan Hanna This is a delicious recipe from Food and Wine that combines spicy beef with fresh greens and herbs. The ingredient list may...

Flashing green light? Pull over

A Facebook post from Shirley Deugo prompts this important reminder, especially to readers who may be new to our area. If you're in traffic and...

Dogs just wanna have fun

Christine Moses sends these great action shots of Krissie Murphy, owner of the Mane Door hair salon, with her dog Piper.

‘Sugar Tyme’

by Dale Odorizzi Have you been lucky enough to drive down Wilson Street in Perth shortly after a snowfall?  If yes, you are likely wondering, “What...

Neil Carleton’s induction to Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

by Alan Griffin (shared from the Radio Amateurs of Canada website) On Saturday, January 19, 2019, with temperatures hovering at -24 Celsius, 50 Almonte Amateur Radio...

Forever Young!

Erica Mckay In case some of you have missed the news, there is a great new program in Almonte called Forever Young.  This program has...

Chicken Francese

by Susan Hanna This recipe was one of the most popular on the New York Times cooking website in 2018. It’s easy to see why:...

NYC fashion designer Judy Joannou settles into Mill Street store

submitted by Janet Boyes (NOT) THE NEW KID IN TOWN! “Have you heard the latest?” “No, what?” "There's a New York fashion designer who's opened  a shop on Mill...


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Vallentyne Bake raises $4,500 for AGH

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Winter getting to you? Force spring indoors!

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