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Peaceful Pockets of Paradise

Pockets of Paradise: Pakenham Beach

by Brenda Deugo-Mills Do you have a favorite go-to natural space that provides a backdrop for a lifetime of family fun, leisure activities and mini-adventures?  I...

Pockets of paradise: The Mill of Kintail

by Michael Reynolds As I write it is the time of trilliums and trout lilies in the woods around Mississippi Mills and in my mind...

Pockets of Paradise: Wolf Grove

by Ken Allison The Wolf Grove area just west of Almonte is a special place in Mississippi Mills. You can see how special it is as...

Pockets of Paradise: High Lonesome

by Don Johnston People sometimes ask where the name of this nature reserve came from. The donors of the property had given this sanctuary the name...

Pockets of Paradise: Blakeney Park

Blakeney Park – A Contemporary Reflection by Theresa Peluso From the moment we first moved to Blakeney, on the Mississippi River, 14 years ago, I’ve been...

Pockets of Paradise: Blakeney

Editor's note: This is the first of two pieces in the Peaceful Pockets of Paradise series about the Blakeney area. It looks at Blakeney's historical...

Pockets of Paradise: The Burnt Lands Alvar

by Gretta Bradley (I have learned that it takes a community to write an article about the Burnt Lands alvar. I want to thank, Neil...

Pockets of Paradise: Almonte Falls

We are delighted with the response to the Peaceful Pockets of Paradise initiative so far.  Karen Hirst, a regular Millstone reader and contributor, has...


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