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Peaceful Pockets of Paradise

Pockets of Paradise: Village of Appleton

Story and photos by Alison Ball Visitors have been attracted to the quiet, historic and...

Pockets of Paradise: Pakenham Beach

by Brenda Deugo-Mills Do you have a favorite go-to natural space that provides a backdrop for...

Pockets of paradise: The Mill of Kintail

by Michael Reynolds As I write it is the time of trilliums and trout lilies...

Pockets of Paradise: Wolf Grove

by Ken Allison The Wolf Grove area just west of Almonte is a special place...

Pockets of Paradise: High Lonesome

by Don Johnston People sometimes ask where the name of this nature reserve came from. The...

Pockets of Paradise: Blakeney Park

Blakeney Park – A Contemporary Reflection by Theresa Peluso From the moment we first moved to...

Pockets of Paradise: Blakeney

Editor's note: This is the first of two pieces in the Peaceful Pockets of...

Pockets of Paradise: The Burnt Lands Alvar

by Gretta Bradley (I have learned that it takes a community to write an article...

Pockets of Paradise: Almonte Falls

We are delighted with the response to the Peaceful Pockets of Paradise initiative so...


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