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Gardening in Almonte: A Sizzling Hot August!

This has been a great summer for vegetables that like lots of sun and heat – this includes tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beans, sweet potatoes...

National Physiotherapy Month

May is National Physiotherapy month and a fitting time to recognize the work of the Almonte General Hospital Physiotherapy staff. Under the leadership of Nina...

Family Councils enrich residents’ lives and support their loved ones

 by Marilyn Wilson-Trider Admission to a long-term care facility is a life-changing event for both the person who is admitted and their family. The admitted...

Branching out talk about gardening informative and successful

by Noreen Young A big thanks to the Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce and the town’s Beautification Committee for co-presenting “Branching Out – Tree Talk...

Why do I like to read the Millstone?

by Christl Stephanblome, Leverkusen, Germany Some time ago I was asked to write for the Millstone about refugees. Nobody reacted to my letters except one. Then a...

Holiday wine review

by Mark Cochrane It’s that time of year again. Dig deep into the back of your closet and pull out that ugly bedazzled Christmas sweater...

Pharmacies open Christmas Day

Two local pharmacies are open Christmas Day: Remedy RX, Pakenham: 10 am to 2 pm Shoppers Drug Mart, Almonte: 10 am to 6 pm

Take precautions to protect yourself from tick and mosquito borne diseases

by Healey, Susan Tick borne (Lyme Disease) and mosquito borne diseases (West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis) are preventable. August and September are the months...

Gay Cook’s Asian-Style Roast Boneless Turkey Breast with Fruit Rice Stuffing

Makes 4 servings A delicious roast turkey breast is perfect to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with fewer than 10 family and friends. One can buy larger...

First bike ride ever at 98½ years old!

Even 98-year-olds can enjoy bicycle month! by Millie Maloney Jeff Mills took the initiative to bring a special bike to town for bicycle month. It pedals...


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