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Almonte, CA
Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mind the Time

Little Bridge Street, Almonte

by L. G. William Chapman, B.A., LL.B. It is hard to imagine a more quaint name for a street than "Little Bridge Street". Little Bridge...

Historic Almonte website set up by Brent Eades with photos from Michael Dunn

Almonte residents will be interested in this site which contains 18 pages of historical photographs of Almonte. Reader Joan Levesque alerted us to this...

Spring Bush

By an Almonte ‘Native’ To stimulate discussion and relive memories…… It was the early 1950s and after seeing a ’Duster’ (Western Movie) at the local...

Mind the time

by an Almonte ‘Native’ , yes, born and raised in Almonte as were my parents. To stimulate discussion and relive memories…… It’s a hot summer Saturday...


FOR SALE: Exerciser; oak table set

Jim Paul — obituary

For sale: Solid oak antique dining room set