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Enerdu: objection fact clarification

The MVC Ont. Regulation 153/06 does not apply to the operation of a structure and therefore does not regulate water flows. Operation of the...

Enerdu to appear before MM Planning and Development Committee to present new dam proposal

Enerdu will appear before the Planning and Development Committee of Mississippi Mills tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20, 2012 to present its plan to redevelop and...

Enerdu: Objection

by Trish Dyer    The headpond/dam configuration would allow Enerdu to release or drop water down through a new turbine at a rate of up 118...

Enerdu: the real facts

by Trish Dyer A local company is proposing to make major changes to the Mississippi River in downtown Almonte.  Enerdu, a private company owned by...

Tales of the Riverbank

By Trish Dyer It could be mistaken- on the surface- for a small news story. But it’s not. An Appleton resident has been taking on a...


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