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A concerned Michigan resident encourages Almonte to protect our river’s natural flow

To the people of Mississippi Mills and Almonte,  I am not a resident of your community, not even of your province or nation. I live...

Riparian rights and the Enerdu project

Riparian Rights are well established in Ontario. Riparian Rights relate to the right of access and use of water and waterways...

Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists release report on the Appleton Wetland

The Appleton Wetland; Its Decline, Cause and Recommended Action Executive Summary Report prepared by Appleton Wetland Research Group of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists Research Group Members: Cliff Bennett, Chair Joachim Moenig Al Seaman Mike...

Letter from Mayor McLaughlin to Premier Wynne concerning the Enerdu project

Dear Premier Wynne, Over the past two years, your office has received many letters from people in Mississippi Mills regarding expansion of the Enerdu hydro-generating...

Enerdu project manager Ron Campbell reflects on Almonte’s industrial past

In this week's Almonte Carleton Place Gazette, Enerdu project manager Ron Campbell defends the project by reciting Almonte's industrial past here

Reader explains why the Enerdu project has caused an uproar

To the Editor. I have followed the Enerdu discussion from the beginning and one aspect seems to be absent from the dialogue. The people of...

Councillor John Edwards clarifies his request to delay passage of the Heritage Bylaw

To the Council and people of Mississippi Mills, The purpose of this letter is to clarify my reason for seeking  a delay in the proposed...

Open letter to Mississippi Mills Mayor Levi re the Enerdu project

Our family moved here from Ottawa a few years ago. We were looking for a less hectic life in a small, friendly, vibrant, artistic,...

Enerdu Project – Remain Calm

There is nothing better to spark a community into action like a bit of controversy. The Enerdu project seems to be the latest spark...

Where does OEL-HydroSys fit in this Enerdu proposal?

To the editor: I have been writing and commenting recently on the proposed Enerdu powerhouse and weirs and excavations on the Mississippi River here in...


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