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Almonte General Hospital funds ripped off again.

by Bruce Kingsley For the second time in as many weeks the donation box attached to the leaf compost bin at Al Potvin's house has...

Mississippi School for the Arts

She has a degree in philosophy and little time for the term ‘average’ especially when it comes to education. “Five 20 year olds, five 30...

Privacy Policy

The Millstone applies the principles in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act,the private sector privacy legislation in Ontario, Canada. The Millstone respects...

Salmon Farming

by Isaac Hunter Can anyone please tell me the truth?  A major controversy within the outdoor community these days is churning around the farmed salmon industry. Big...

Picture Postcard or Garbage Dump?

by Isaac Hunter Sometimes living in Ramsay Township is like living in a picture postcard. Other times, it's more like living in a garbage dump.  Took this picture...

The Almonte Ultramar

By Sam Cooley  Near the end of 2010, the Ultramar fuel station at the bottom of Mill street in downtown Almonte  closed down. The actual...


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