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Sunrise at the farm

Trevor Johnston shares this gorgeous photo from earlier in the week of the early-morning sun on the Cochran's Lingerlane Farm outside town.  

The new Enerdu plant

Trevor Johnston sent this striking photo of the setting sun behind the new Enerdu hydroelectric plant on the banks of the Mississippi downtown. This project...

A country lane

Eileen Hennemann shares this lovely photo she took of a country lane on the outskirts of Almonte.  

Our town

Not a photo, but I find this rendering of Almonte, by Alice Hinther and shared by Allan Brown, quite delightful. Says Alice: I am a...

Shooting the rapids

It's spring, the water's high, and as usual thrill-seeking whitewater paddlers can be seen threading the rapids at Blakeney. Trevor Johnston sends this dramatic photo...

Photo gods smile on Old Town Hall

Trevor Johnston sends this delightful photo from a couple of days back. Says Trevor: Sometimes the photo gods make you work for a shot and...

Frozen fields

Eileen Hennemann shares this photo she took: Corner Rae Road & Hwy 29 | Farmer's field flooded a couple of weeks ago and then froze.

A pillar of icy light

Trevor Johnston sent this fascinating photo of a lovely sunset earlier in the week, made more dramatic by the presence of a 'light pillar', a...

Ice and water

Trevor Johnston sends these fascinating shots he took recently at Blakeney, juxtaposing the melting ice and flowing water.

Along the river

Trevor Johnston shares this quite gorgeous photo he took with his iPhone today, of the river looking towards downtown. Such a lovely town we have the...