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Backyard Birds

Backyard birds, March 23 2020

by Brent Eades I knew there had to be bright sides to being stuck in...

Backyard birds, January 5 2020

by Brent Eades After taking a hiatus from this column for a year or two...

Backyard birds, December 27

by Brent Eades I fill my feeders only in the winter months, when the birds...

Blue Jays really do prefer peanuts

by Brent Eades I've noticed over the years of watching my backyard feeders that Blue...

Invasion of the Pine Siskins

by Brent Eades The Pine Siskin is a small, streaked finch that you may or...

Backyard Birds – December 2014

by Brent Eades For the past couple of years I've posted occasional photos of winter...

Backyard birds, May 7 2014

by Brent Eades As is usual at this time of year, my yard is in...

Backyard birds, April 27 2014

by Brent Eades It has been a while since my last post. This is in...

Backyard birds, March 23 2014

by Brent Eades So it's spring, 15 cm of snow yesterday notwithstanding. I've had one...

Backyard birds, March 14

by Brent Eades It has been a busy few weeks at the office, and I...


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