Almonte Solar Project meeting to be held by Beckwith Solar on July 17...

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A tale of two heroes

by Theresa Peluso   My last two columns explained how various individuals and organizations in Mississippi Mills and Carleton Place are trying to improve our environment....

Wolves and Coyotes in Mississippi Mills

  by Neil Carleton  There is more to coyote sightings in eastern Ontario than a Sens game with the visiting Phoenix team at Scotiabank Place....

Harper’s Conservatives: green? or greenwashing?

by Theresa Peluso Did you get a flyer from your local member of Parliament last month stating that "our Conservative Government has acted to protect...

Environmental issues: being part of the solution

  by Theresa Peluso  The problem with our natural environment is that so many humans are consuming and polluting as though there's no tomorrow –...

Thinking globally, acting locally

 by Theresa Peluso Here we are at the start of the year 2012! I always feel that the new year is yet another chance to...

Canada’s declining reputation

This is what we’re known for: being the only country to renege on our pledge in Kyoto in 1998 to reduce our carbon emissions   The...

On the Trail of Tracks

 by Neil Carleton At this time of the year, the shadows are longer when I’m out in the morning.  The ground is still damp before...

Neil Carleton’s stunning nature studies in acrylic

Two Beeches and a Hemlock Beech Leaves Yellow Birch Bark Under The Hand Lens Leaf Motif 2 Photos and Paintings © Neil Carleton

Male moose sighting at Clayton Road and Highway 29.

For those interested in area wildlife, there has been a sighting of a large male moose  in the field at Clayton Rd & Highway...


Monique Deguire — obituary

2 bedroom duplex in Almonte, $1,275

Are freshwater fish at risk?

Night Market in Almonte, August 18

Mary Rose Chevalier — obituary

65+ bachelor apartment, $558