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For the Birds

Bird photography by Cheryl Baxter.

For the Birds and Nature: Summer fun!

by Cheryl Baxter Hello everyone!  What can I say?  I have been slow to get on the Millstone to add some of my finds. It...

For the Birds and Nature: It’s official! Spring is finally here!

by Cheryl Baxter Good Sunday morning! So much has happened in the last weeks since my last post.  Spring is here! It actually feels as if...

For the Birds and Nature: Spring is STILL coming!

by Cheryl Baxter My last post was titled Spring is Coming! Funny thing, or maybe not so funny, is that it seemed as if Spring...

For the Birds and Nature: Spring is coming!

by Cheryl Baxter Happy Friday to you all! We are mid-way through March and are really starting to notice sure signs of Spring everywhere!  The Canada...

For the Birds and Nature: Birding in February

by Cheryl Baxter Happy February everyone!  Although it's almost over now, February brought more birds to my yard!  I was pretty upset last month with...

For the Birds and Nature: Birding in January

by Cheryl Baxter Good Day!  It is Sunday, January the 21st today. We survived a really nasty cold snap and came out enjoying much milder...

For the Birds and Nature: Frosty Friends

by Cheryl Baxter Happy New Year to everyone! It's been a slightly unfortunate last couple of weeks with the extreme bitter temperatures.  My yard is stocked...

For the Birds and Nature!

by Cheryl Baxter Good Frosty Monday! I am making some slight changes to this article. As the birds aren't at my beck and call and really...

For the Birds: Winter is coming!

by Cheryl Baxter Good Saturday morning! Winter is on the way and I feel as if I just came out of hibernation! In case you...

For the Birds: Another Spring!

by Cheryl Baxter Good Morning!  I pretty much just came out of hibernation. I do have something to admit.  I have been suffering a lot...


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