Green Talk

Mean and green

by Theresa Peluso Part 1: Green, but not so mean As gardeners everywhere in Lanark County yank out yet another pesky weed from their lawn or...

Alien insects: The gardener’s nemesis

by Theresa Peluso How does your garden grow? Are alien insects a challenge? Most of my previous articles have described changes to Lanark County’s natural environment...

Where have all the amphibians and reptiles gone?

by Theresa Peluso Let’s start with a possible obituary for several species of amphibians and reptiles that were common in Eastern Ontario as recently as...

Are fish at risk in Lanark County?

by Theresa Peluso In the media you’ll find news about endangered fish stocks in so many places – oceans, lakes, rivers—in every part of the...

Changes to Lanark County’s natural environment 1982-2012

by Theresa Peluso  Cliff Bennett has observed these changes:  Winters are more varied; i.e., peaks and valleys on a chart are steeper and closer together.Climate change? Bird...


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