Night Sky

First quarter moon watching

by Pat Browne We have had beautiful first quarter moon watching .Here is Stephen Collie's presentation on the moon. Download Moon 2012 It was  followed by...

Sanjeev Sivarulrasa to be guest speaker at Mill of Kintail

On Friday May 4, 2012, guest speaker Sanjeev Sivarulrasa will give a lecture on imaging the night sky. Sivarulrasa is an emerging Canadian photographer...

Night Sky Conservation

Make Mercury a priority in early March

Use the dazzling planets Jupiter and Venus to locate Mercury near the horizon Make Mercury a priority in early March, for the first week of...

The night sky at the Mill of Kintail

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority will once again be offering its astronomy course at the Mill of Kintail on Friday evenings commencing April 13....

Venus and Jupiter aligned on February 26, 2012

Pat Browne captured this photo of Jupiter, Venus and the moon on February 26,showing the moon nuzzling closer to  Jupiter. In the foreground you...

A brilliant show in the night sky this weekend as Venus and Jupiter line...

If you look up in the night sky this evening, you will see  Venus, Jupiter and Earth's moon converge for a spectacular show. Venus and...

The Night Sky at the Mill of Kintail


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