Science & Nature

Lined with silver

by Neil Carleton Although Country Street in Almonte may not be paved with gold, it's certainly lined with silver. Silver maples arch over much of...

Beautiful Butterflies

Almonte resident Brent Eades recently attended the Carleton University Butterfly Show and sent along these butterfly photos. See the full gallery here

Have you been seeing Meteor Stragglers? The October Draconids

If you have been looking west after sunset, trying to capture the objects that are below the horizon as winter approaches, you may have...

Mean and green

by Theresa Peluso Part 1: Green, but not so mean As gardeners everywhere in Lanark County yank out yet another pesky weed from their lawn or...

New hiking trail open

One of the newest gems to discover in Almonte is a 4.2 km recreational trail for hiking, mountain biking and skiing through the forest...

First annual Mississippi River Appreciation Day event a success by every measure!

More than forty volunteers reported to duty Saturday morning with boots, garbage bags and canoes, to show our Mississippi river a little appreciation. Event organizer...

Post Office Mulberry

by Neil Carleton  As well as roadside sentinels that I can drive under, I also look for trees that arch over sidewalks and pathways that...

The 3-Dimensional nature of galaxies… including the Milky Way

It was not very clear, but clear enough to capture 30 seconds of photons of three galaxies in Draco. NGC 5895, 5892, 5891 These clearly show...

Alien insects: The gardener’s nemesis

by Theresa Peluso How does your garden grow? Are alien insects a challenge? Most of my previous articles have described changes to Lanark County’s natural environment...

Starhop to Globular Cluster and Open Cluster (compare and contrast)

Another sample starhop that shows the difference between Open and Globulars is the starhop to M13: Facing South before 11pm tonight you can see the...


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