Shady Characters

Here Last Week, Gone Today

Sputtering with mouth agape, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. To any passerby, it might even have looked comical. It was there the other...

Towering Giants

  They’re towering giants that live amongst us, and they’re much older than anybody in the community. These are the shady characters of renown we...

River Sentinel

 by Neil Carleton    Although the view along the Mississippi River at Almonte was considerably different in the mid 1800s, at least two local landmarks...

Perth Street beauty

The shady character for October is a front yard tree. This month I’ve picked an urban example, and I hope you’ll have to chance...

Royal Oak

  Do you have a favourite tree? Readers are invited to submit their nominations for an honor roll of trees in our area that could...

Wireless Signal Tree

by Neil Carleton When can an internet tower look like a tree? If you have a big white spruce in your rural front yard, it...


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