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What is That?

A series about local wildlife.

What Is That … Welcoming Committee?

With the progressive re-opening of facilities during stage 2 and 3 of Ontario’s pandemic...

What is That … June Butterfly?

June has come and gone with, it seems to us, more heat, more biting...

What Is That … Backyard Bird?

The month of May is one of the most interesting and prolific times to...

What is that … we’ve learned?

During elementary school, oh so many years ago, we learned about a few birds. ...

What Is That … We’re Missing?

This is the time of the year we look for overnight lows above freezing...

What is that … Commoner?

Some of the animals we see at the cottage include the word 'common' in...

What Is That … Spot of White?

We admit it, we are nearing our threshold for embracing and enjoying white winter...

What is that … Summer Memory?

Although we enjoy the skiing and snowshoeing of winter, we are pretty sure that...

What Is That … Attractive Gray Insect?

Well, we are in the depths of winter, even when Ian Black briefly throws...

What is that … Emerald in the Garden?

What?  Have you lost your grandmother's favourite ring in the garden, the one you...


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