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Vinyl Café Story Contest


by Mike Doyle This story was written in the summer of 1975 when I worked...

STORY CONTEST: Granny’s Apartment

by Elena Richmond By the time I came on the scene, my grandmother was living...

STORY CONTEST: Negative + Positive = Almonte

by Mary Anne Harrison A few years after my Dad died, my Mom was moving...

STORY CONTEST: Delivering Telegrams with Dog

by Fern Martin In 1958, when I was 13 years old, my parents sold our...

STORY CONTEST: The One That Got Away

by Richard Nightingale When you’re a kid, the world is the town you live in. Almonte...

STORY CONTEST: The Sooner Scout

by Lucy Carleton A favourite childhood story of mine was in an old grade-school reader...

STORY CONTEST: The Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast

by Sarah Robertson Almonte became home to our family in 1979. House-hunting had suddenly become...

Vinyl Café story contest winners selected

by Brent Eades A few weeks ago the Town announced a story-writing contest, run in...


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