Friday, July 12, 2024
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Bike for sale

  The bike shown is a 26” frame,...

For sale, Mobility scooter

"The Fortress 2000" Three Wheel Power Scooter....

Extras needed for local music video

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The BillboardCeltic Designs and Artwork Porch Sale, July 6

Celtic Designs and Artwork Porch Sale, July 6

Celtic Designs and Artwork Porch Sale!

Artist: Ruth Tait

July 6: 11am – 4pm

249 William St., Almonte 

Celtic art has been a particular area of study—for reasons that go beyond their exceptional beauty. Celts’ artistic expression saw humans inside of Nature and its magic—not humans apart and higher than Nature. The image of the circle has both a symbolic importance (it is the shape of the moon, the sun and the planet we inhabit) and includes a mathematical/geometric structure to be endlessly explored creatively. The properties of the circle allowed Celtic artists to enter into the mystery of all life on Earth. Design patterns including the “interlace” or “endless line”, the triskele or “triple spiral” and many others—all have meanings that connect our human selves to this mystery.

The work that will be exhibited and available for sale is derived from existing patterns that are present in ancient stone, jewellery and manuscripts. The detailed work takes many hours to complete and is available as archival prints (framed and unframed) as well as packaged greeting cards.

About the Artist: Ruth Tait is a professional visual artist living in Ottawa. She studied art at the Colleges of St. Martins and Camberwell in London, England and graduated from the Ontario College of Art (BDes) majoring in illustration. She went on to complete an MA at York University examining the creative, design and accessibility potential of the digital book.

Since moving to Ottawa from Toronto, Ruth has continued her personal studies into the intricacies of ancient and medieval art, recovering secrets and techniques of these ancient practices. She is a member of the Calligraphy Society of Ottawa and the Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists.

Please drop by to view these exceptional and unique works of art!




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