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Science & NatureEnvironmentChanges to Lanark County's natural environment 1982-2012

Changes to Lanark County’s natural environment 1982-2012

by Theresa Peluso 

Cliff Bennett has observed these changes:

 Winters are more varied; i.e., peaks and valleys on a chart are steeper and closer together.Climate change? Bird populations have become more variable. Many species have grown in numbers as warmer climate induces an earlier migration. We are now seeing birds such as trumpeter swans, sandhill cranes, Canada geese and wild turkeys. This is due to warmer climate and suitable habitat.Other populations are disappearing due to habitat degradation and pesticides. All swallows and purple martins have greatly diminished. We used to see the wires loaded with hundreds of swallows. This is all due to climate change and habitat destruction. Many fields were cleared and crops planted in first half of 20th century, moving field birds like sparrows, woodcock and killdeer off their nesting ranges. Many of these fields were abandoned in the 60's-80's allowing for a change of habitat to bring them back.

Delivery of products to homes such as milk and bread was common before 1980 but now you have to go to a box store to get them. Cause? Mass marketing  at cheaper prices. There has been a mass movement of our manufacturing to off-shore cheaper plants. Cause? Profit motives.

 Pauline Donaldson, who moved to Almonte 11 years ago, has noted that up until a
few years ago she used to hear whip-poor-wills around her home.  She has not heard them the last few years.




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