Do you ride horses, drive horses, show horses, or love to watch horses?

If yes to any of the above, please put Saturday, August 18th on your list of “do not miss” summer events.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the 2018 Pakenham Horse Show as much as my husband and I and our grand-daughter do, and we’ve been entering it for years.  It takes place at the Pakenham Agricultural Fair, at the fairgrounds in Pakenham.

My husband Pat Wolfe training his Fjord mares, Emmeline and her daughter Rose, to walk over a tarp.

There are classes for all ages: Junior, Adult and Senior classes.  We have English and Western riding as well as driving classes, log skidding, driven slalom, and costume classes.

This year we have a new class which will be lots of fun to participate in as well as to watch.  It’s the “Take Your Horse to Town” class and riders of all ages will be entering.  Here’s how it works.  You will come into the ring and ride through the various farm animals in your barnyard.  After shutting the gate behind you, you ride towards town, crossing the 5 Span Bridge to get there.  Your horse has picked up a stone in his shoe, so you head for the Blacksmith’s Shop where you dismount and help the blacksmith by picking up each of your horse’s feet.  The stone removed, you remount and back out of the shop.  Your next stop is the 5 Span Feed Store for a bag of oats. And as you are anxiously waiting for your Eaton’s Catalogue to arrive, you check your mailbox on your way back to the farm.  The “Take Your Horse to Town” class is a timed event and will challenge you and your horse.

At home we have fun teaching our horses not to fear unusual circumstances, such as the ones you encounter only at horse shows.  For example, often in obstacle style classes such as the “Take Your Horse to Town” class, a blue tarp will be used as a river. The problem is that most horses are frightened by tarps, especially if they are asked to walk over one.  First of all a tarp can move which frightens any flight animal. Also it crunches when your horse walks over it. So practice at home is a really good idea. The best way we know to get a horse used to a tarp is to put some grain on the edge of the tarp and gradually pour more grain towards the centre as he eats his way there.  Our horses will do almost anything for food, plus eating takes their minds off any fear response. It’s also good to use different colours of tarps because you never know what colour will be used at a horse show.

If you think you might be interested in showing, and want more information, please contact Janet at or call her at 613-253-3353.  To register, please contact Judy at or call her at 613-250-0795.  Our show begins at 9:30 and the gate fee is $5, children free, and the horse show entry fee is $5 per exhibitor entered.  Late entries are subject to a late fee of $5 per exhibitor.

I’ll be there with my mini, Prince, and I hope to see you there too!