As difficult as it was for the Millstone to change and start “preapproving comments” I am one who feels it was necessary. As a citizen of Mississippi Mills working as a community developer I’ve been excited by the Millstone and its “citizen-led journalism” approach since its inception and am a contributor from time to time.

I prefer conversation to debate and am a great believer in communities that build on the assets that are always in abundance. Each of us has a story and the Millstone offers the platform to grow our community’s narrative with us all as journalists. “Private attacks” and “sarcastic remarks” offer nothing. The following link regarding “new journalism” comes from the Abundant Community website.  It’s a great post from Peggy Holman co-founder of “Journalism that Matters.” I particularly like the sentence, Tell me stories through an appreciative eye, helping me to see not just the worst of the situation but the possibilities inherent in whatever is happening.” Here is the link.

 I look forward to many more years of hearing the news as presented by our citizens, our journalists, our storytellers. Good for the Millstone for taking it up a notch!


Jeff Mills