Sunday, February 25, 2024
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NewsConstruction update Campbell Bridge – Concession 9 North Pakenham (Waba Creek)

Construction update Campbell Bridge – Concession 9 North Pakenham (Waba Creek)

Campbell BridgeOn December 2nd, the Campbell Bridge on Pakenham Concession 9 re-opened to traffic following an 8 week long reconstruction effort. The structure which was originally built in 1950 was taken out of service on October 6th, to facilitate major contract upgrades by Clearwater Structures Inc. Works on the project included: removal and replacement of the deck and steel girders, rehabilitation of the abutments, as well as new and safer guiderail systems.
The bridge project also included several environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions as part of the work program. The old concrete bridge deck that was removed was crushed on site and steel components were removed. The crushed concrete was then used in place of rip rap (which is crushed stone that would otherwise have had to have been purchased from an aggregate supplier). The crushed concrete was then used in areas for slope stability (see photo inset below).


In other environmental notes, during the design stages, a barn swallow nest was discovered and needed to be removed. The removal took place outside of nesting season as recommended by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Barn swallows tend to reuse nests so considerations needed to be made accordingly. In order to prevent the industrious barn swallow from being homeless when they returned, an artificial nest was installed in place of the existing nest (see photo inset below). These artificial nests have been used in other areas and have found to be successful in attracting returning barn swallows.
Although there is some remaining work that will need to be completed in the spring, the bridge has re-opened, with a new lease on life for the next 75 years.

Campbell Bridge2
Reuse of the old concrete deck as rip rap for slope stability
Barn Swallow artificial nest
Artificial nest for Barn Swallows installed on girders.

For further information contact Cory Smith, Public Works Technologist (613) 256-2064 Ext 229 or via email




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