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ArchivesCouncil appoints Rickey Minnille deputy mayor

Council appoints Rickey Minnille deputy mayor

by Edith Cody-Rice

A packed hall listens to the voting on Thursday evening

In a council meeting lasting only twenty minutes, including the singing of O Canada, Rickey Minnille was chosen as the deputy mayor of Mississippi Mills to hoots of approval from supporters in the audience. The Ron Caron auditorium of the Almonte Old Town hall was packed to standing room only to witness the selection which was carried out by ballot in accordance with the town’s Council Vacancy Appointment Policy.

In a council meeting on  February 19, council voted to fill the deputy mayor vacancy created by the death of John Levi by appointment rather than through by-election. Standing for the position were David Hinks, Rickey Minnille, Steve Maynard, Jane Torrance, Paul Watters,  and Philip Wood.

Council votes for deputy mayor

In the first round of voting councillors voted their top three candidates in order to create a short list. The top three candidates proceeded to the next round.The voting proceeded as follows:

Round 1

  1. Mayor Lowry: Rickey Minnille, Jane Torrance, Philip Wood
  2. Councillor Dalgity: David Hinks, Rickey Minnille, Paul Watters
  3. Councillor Maydan: David Hinks, Steve Maynard, Paul Watters
  4. Councillor Holmes: David Hinks, Rickey Minnille, Paul Watters
  5. Councillor Guerard: Rickey Minnille, Steve Maynard, Paul Watters
  6. Councillor Ferguson: Rickey Minnille, Jane Torrance, Paul Watters

Thus vote count was

David Hinks 3, Rickey Minnille 5, Steve Maynard 2, Jane Torrance 2, Paul Watters 5 and Philip Wood 1.

In the second round, Jane Torrance, Steve Maynard and Philip Wood were dropped from the ballot. The votes were:

  1. Mayor Lowry: Rickey Minnille
  2. Councillor Dalgity: Paul Watters
  3. Councillor Maydan: Paul Watters
  4. Councillor Holmes: Paul Watters
  5. Councillor Guerard: Rickey Minnille
  6. Councillor Ferguson: Rickey Minnille

As the  vote count was a tie of 3 each for Paul Watters and Rickey Minnille, the final selection was made by lot drawn by the clerk. Rickey Minnille was selected.

Rickey Minnille is sworn in as deputy mayor.





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