Mississippi Mills Council will be discussing a motion this evening, June 25, to start the process of declaring the centre of Almonte a Heritage District.  The Committee of the Whole meeting starts at 6 p.m. and the motion should be discussed by about 7:30. It is open to the public.

See the text of the motion below.

Whereas, the preservation of heritage, both natural and ‘man-made’, is a municipal responsibility, and

Whereas, the central part of Almonte ward comprised principally by the central business district, the Mississippi River and adjacent areas has significant heritage character, and

Whereas, the interrelationship of the streets, buildings and the natural features of the area are key to its character, and

Whereas, the Town of Mississippi Mills is desirous of doing an assessment of the regulatory, financial, economic development, cultural  and environmental impacts (both positive  and negative) of a Heritage Conservation District, and

Whereas, the Town of Mississippi Mills is desirous of receiving advice from the public, the business community and affected property owners in the central area of the Ward of Almonte

Now therefore, The Town of Mississippi Mills develop and publish an RFP to study the establishment of a Heritage Conservation District in the central downtown area of Almonte.  The budget for the project shall  be determined and approved prior to publication of the RFP.  The project shall be funded from the 2013 year-end surplus and the 2014 budget.