We have heard from certain groups and even other countries that, if we let people be infected with Covid-19, they will become ‘herd immune’.

It is very important to remember where the various, sometimes conflicting, information is coming from.

Knowledge is gained through study, communication, research, instruction and factual data.

Herd immunity is effective when 40% of the people in a population become immune to a disease, such as through vaccination. But in most cases, 80-90% must be immune to the disease to stop its spread.

As is the case presently there is no viable vaccine for this disease. Therefore basically all are unvaccinated people and as such the disease could spread more easily.

Realistically a vaccine will take up to a year or more before it has been approved and in production with enough doses to be circulated.

It is imperative to listen and follow the directives of the experts, both today and tomorrow, as their knowledge expands in these unprecedented times.

We are all in this for the long haul and only together will we come out the other side.

*Note* Excerpts taken from: https://www.healthline.com

Keith Sheldrick, Almonte