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NewsCrowds out on Mill Street for Canada Day

Crowds out on Mill Street for Canada Day


by Brent Eades

The weather has been less than ideal so far on this Canada Day 2015, but a brief window of partially clear skies earlier drew a good crowd to the classic car show on Mill Street.

Dozens of classic vehicles were on display along Mill and in the post office parking lot, while the Retro Rats Show Band offered old-time rock and roll in Coady’s parking lot.

As well, I was delighted to meet former CFRA morning host Ken “The General” Grant at a book signing outside Mill Street Books. At least two generations of schoolkids will recall being sent off to school each morning by his cry of “Forward Ho!” every hour. Grant started with CFRA in 1961 and retired in 1993.

With luck the weather will improve for the remainder of the day’s activities.

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