Five reasons you should attend !

The 19th annual Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour is just around the corner. It takes place in the Clayton and Almonte areas on Thanksgiving weekend. Besides the fact that the name sounds like a quaint old pub you would find on a back rural road, here are five good reasons why you should come out and bring along any visitors you may have:

  1. Lots of great quality products to tantalize your senses. The tour showcases the artistic diversity of Mississippi Mills and there is SO much neat stuff to see and buy. From potters, pewtersmiths, painters, jewelers, to glass workers, heritage farmers and more…
  1. It’s a speakers tour. Artists and artisans are on hand and will happily tell you how they create, what inspires them and more. Many of them have been invited to speak at local groups for inspiration and motivation. Some of them will even be letting you see them work like Jade Armstrong who will be drawing caricatures at Culandubh Studios.
  1. See the unique places of creative people. This is a totally non-retail experience !

I must confess that part of the reason I go on studio tours is to see the fascinating places where artists and artisans live. Like sculptor Diana Jackson’s Meristem House, or Barb Mulally’s Moondance Gallery…. And Union Hall (one of the stops) is now sporting a large mural of the historic Floating Bridge on the inside back wall, this is your chance to check it out.

  1. The COLORS, the COLORS, the COLORS ! This is my favorite time of the year to drive country roads. I love to go through the autumn colored “tree tunnels”, as my grandson calls them, it feels like you are driving through a world filtered with red, orange and gold.
  1. Check out the history as you travel. Have you ever driven by a place and thought “I wonder what is the story behind that place …”. Well, we have put the stories of many of these enroute historical and interesting places on an interactive map that you can view by going to the crown and pumpkin website (, click on TOUR and then on HERITAGE.

Go to to download a copy of the map of studio locations and to find out more about participating artists.