Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Municipal Election 2022David Hinks – your candidate for Deputy Mayor of Mississippi Mills

David Hinks – your candidate for Deputy Mayor of Mississippi Mills

When voting for your Deputy Mayor, vote for David Hinks.  “I love this community and want to give back.  I’ve had a lot of experience here and there’s a bigger picture that I want to be involved in. I can help to bring people together, find common cause and contribute to making, and keeping, Mississippi Mills a fabulous place to live.”

“We’ve all come through a challenging two years and admire the leadership that our mayor has shown in difficult times.” David looks forward to working with the mayor and council by adding his skills and ability to shape the next four years.

As Deputy Mayor, David will leverage his farming roots; his experience as an economist and policy advisor; his deep commitment to the people of Mississippi Mills and Lanark County; his years of local volunteer experience; and his domestic and international experience of negotiation, planning and community building.

Retired from the Federal Public Service, David chose Mississippi Mills as a place to grow as it answered to his love for a community with connections to the land and food security, that encouraged innovation and supported existing business while welcoming new populations and building on those present. You know him through his columns in the Millstone and the Humm; through his work in Mississippi Mills on the Finance, Economic Development or Beautification committees; as a hands-on board member in support of people served by the Lanark County Food Bank; as an educator and speaker as a Master Gardener; or through the several community gardens he has developed. But the story is so much more.

Raised on a small dairy farm in southwestern Ontario, David began a lifelong passion for the land and a solid work ethic which underscored his professional and personal life.  Picking apples, tobacco and combining peas earned cash to study at the University of Waterloo. His degrees in economics laid the foundation for 35 years working primarily in the federal public service as an economist and senior policy advisor.

David’s policy and negotiating skills were applied both in Canada and abroad, always working in collaboration to find ways forward.  As a Senior Policy Advisor in Transport Canada, he was responsible for the implementation and administration of management contracts with the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, including approval of an annual $30 million capital budget; working with U.S. counterparts to ensure a bi-national coordination of the Seaway; dealing with issues raised by indigenous neighbours  and post-retirement, working closely with Chinese officials in a study of economic development in the Yangtze River corridor.

David was awarded a Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada in recognition of his significant contribution to the development of Canadian policy. He was honoured with the title of Fellow to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation and represented Canada at conferences in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. In 2018 the Ontario Horticultural Society awarded him their District Service Award and in 2022 he was recognized by Gardens Canada as a Garden Hero.  Your vote for David will bring all these interpersonal and strategic skills to the council table.

David never lost touch with his early farming roots and continued to support community gardening initiatives while working full time. With additional study through the University of Guelph, he became a Master Gardener in 2002 and served as the executive coordinator of the Ottawa-Carleton Master Gardeners during 2013 and 2014.

An active member with the Lanark County Master Gardeners, his skills have moved many here in Mississippi Mills and elsewhere in Lanark County to learn the applied skills of growing food, sharing the bounty and planning. In the last two years he has developed a two-acre Food Bank Garden in Blakeney that includes coordinating the efforts of about 50 volunteers. In 2021 this garden produced 18 thousand pounds of produce that went directly to food bank clients.

On the Board of the Lanark County Food Bank – the Hunger Stop – he is part of a team serving Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, Beckwith and surrounding areas ensuring that funds are raised, and people are engaged to ensure that communities are without hunger. A keen supporter of initiatives like the Men’s Shed movement and the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists, as well as volunteering for the Mississippi Mills and Carleton Place youth groups, David is always hands-on with progressive change movements to benefit the larger community. David gets things done.

The Deputy Mayor position supports the mayor and represents all of Mississippi Mills.  David’s proven leadership skills in negotiating and mediating on diverse issues, will help to build consensus and common interest at municipal and county levels. “It’s a balancing act that I’m ready to engage on with the mayor, fellow councillors, and the county.  The role means working as part of a dynamic team in support of a broad range of issues that impact all of us in Mississippi Mills and Lanark County.  It means understanding the breadth of issues we face in Mississippi Mills, an ability to talk about them and to work with colleagues to find solutions.”

When elected, David will be fully committed to the three major responsibilities of the position: being an active member of Mississippi Mills Council; supporting the mayor in carrying out her responsibilities; and adding his voice on the Council of the County of Lanark. In addition to a focus on fiscal responsibility he will be  a strong voice to ensure that we all do our part locally to grapple with the climate crisis; to build bridges with our indigenous neighbours; that we achieve balanced growth that protects the mix of rural and urban realities that we enjoy; that we support a strong local business community; that we seek more citizen input; and that we support those struggling with food and housing insecurity. David will work in your interest and strengthen the social fabric of our community.

David Hinks is your candidate for Mississippi Mills Deputy Mayor.  Grow with him to form a stronger, engaged council working for all of us – bring David to the table. Vote!

For more information about David’s candidacy visit




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