With no BIA in Almonte, a few years ago local business owners decided to initiate a membership group that would allow for greater collaboration and communication between each other. Even though the owners are diverse, there is a real supportive effort here that seeks to encourage each other towards sustainable success for all.

With over 40 members, the group organizes and promotes all of the street markets, coordinates street decorations, promotes individual shop stories and events and serves to improve communication about customers (lost items, shoplifting concerns, etc.)

February is membership renewal time. We are always looking for new businesses to come on board, time commitment is minimal, and the membership fee is $120/annually (or $10/mo). If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in joining our group, please contact: emmainalmonte@gmail.com.

There is a lot of love for our small town and we are so proud of the businesses that we have here – innovative, environmentally conscious, curated offering, quality brands, local focus, and beautiful! Join us as we spread the word and work together to benefit all.