Mississippi Mills logoby Diane Smithson, B. Comm, Dipl.M.M., CMO
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Mississippi Mills

Below please find responses to questions that Council asked regarding properties within the consultant’s proposed new Heritage Conservation District boundaries and information related to their zoning, permits requested, etc. I believe this information addresses all of the questions raised by Council at the December 9, 2014 Committee of the Whole meeting.

How many properties are now contained within the new boundary?

  • 141

Are you able to tell me how many are commercially zoned, versus residential, versus Open Space (parks , etc.) and any other uses?

  • R2 – Second Density Residential – 28
  • C2 – Downtown Commercial – 106
  • EH – Environmental Hazard Land – 2
  • MI – Light Industrial – 3
  • OS – Open Space – 2

How many building permit applications, since the moratorium by-law was enacted in September, have been received from property owners within the proposed new district area?


  • conversion of apartment to office space
  • condo creation
  • condo creation

How many of these have been denied their permit?

  • none