water-testAlmonte resident Don Wiles had an unpleasant encounter with a high pressure water filter salesman. He has issued this warning to other residents.

We were ‘invaded’ by a really high-pressure salesman trying to sell us (free installation!) a water filter device.  He didn’t know about the chemistry of his product and made several mistakes in his claims.  (I am a chemist and I recognized his errors.)  His main approach was to tell me:  “But it will be better for you, Sir.  It will make you healthier.”

I fear that many elderly people will be taken in by his rapid-fire speech.

For more information Google “greenlife water scam”.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This attempt to pressure people into buying unneeded “filters” appears to be new to Almonte, but has been reported in many communities nearby. See this story about the apparent  scam from the Kingston Whig-Standard, for example.]