There’s no doubt all of us will benefit from the presentation by Dr. Graham Beaton, Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine when he examines various techniques for alleviating and preventing memory loss, especially in the elderly. He will discuss cognitive function and its relationship to Alzheimer’s, a subject that perhaps strikes fear in many, but one that has attracted considerable attention as an area where gains are being made to ameliorate the early effects.

Dr. Beaton has practiced extensively in Toronto and now has an active practice in Ottawa. His lecture will provide valuable information from his personal experience dealing with patients who have noticed tangible results from his methods.

This Almonte Lecture is the second in the series, and will be held at the Almonte United Church Hall, 7:30 p.m., Friday, October 30. Admission is free as always, although there is a discrete donation basket for your consideration.

  • A note to perspective audience: these lectures are not only informative but also entertaining. Each of the presenters has been carefully chosen to provide an evening for which it is worth missing the game on TV. We guarantee a refreshing two hours – or less – of interesting subject matter to energize those grey cells! You’re sure to meet your neighbours, or make new friends.

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