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LivingHealthDr. Frank Murphy retiring from practice after more than 40 years

Dr. Frank Murphy retiring from practice after more than 40 years

by Susan Hanna 

 HospitalAlmonte family physician Dr. Frank Murphy is retiring August 13, 2013 after more than 40 years in practice.

“It’s been a most enjoyable life,” Dr. Murphy says of his long career. “But it’s time to retire.”

Dr. Murphy graduated from Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland in 1969 and interned at Downpatrick Hospital the next year.

“I emigrated to Canada in 1972, spent six months in Niagara Falls and arrived in Almonte in the fall of that year,” recalls Dr. Murphy.

In 1976, Dr. Murphy moved into his current office location—a fine stone house at the corner of Queen and Clyde streets.

Built by Dr. William Mostyn in the late 1860s, the house has also been occupied by Dr. D. P. Lynch, who practised medicine in Almonte from the late 1870s to the early 1900s, and by Dr. John Francis Dunn, who practised in town from 1911 until 1961.

“Dr. Dunn delivered his last baby in this house at the age of 80,” says Dr. Murphy.

Reflecting on his years in practice, Dr. Murphy cites the many medical advances made over the past 40-plus years.

“When I first graduated there were no ultrasounds or CT scans, and there was no advanced cardiac or trauma care,” he says. “All of these advances have vastly improved the wellbeing of patients.”

Almonte General Hospital has also changed, from the 11-year old hospital building Dr. Murphy first entered in 1972 to the redeveloped Hospital and new Fairview Manor that opened in 2008.

“It is a magnificent hospital today,” says Dr. Murphy. “And the local population is being cared for by a magnificent group of young physicians.”

The care of Dr. Murphy’s patients is being transferred to the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team.

“On behalf of our physicians and staff, I would like to thank Dr. Murphy for his years of dedicated service to our patients and residents,” says Almonte General Hospital President & CEO Mary Wilson Trider. “We wish him a happy and healthy retirement.”

Asked what he will most miss in retirement, Dr. Murphy replies, “The friendships and camaraderie with staff and patients.”

“The outstanding thing about Almonte is the friendliness of the people,” he continues. “The people have changed over the years, but the friendliness has not.”

Beyond a holiday in Ireland, Dr. Murphy says he is keeping his post-retirement plans open.




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