Saturday, January 28, 2023
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A silverish lining

A reader sends us this moving story: My...

The Ten Collective Blog: Three Posts Every Week!

The Ten Collective will have their fourth...

Johanne Polis — obituary

Polis, Johanne It is with sadness that we...
NewsE-mail virus circulating in Mississippi Mills

E-mail virus circulating in Mississippi Mills

If you find that you have received a message from a contact marked private message and if you should open it and you are asked to click – DON"T DO IT. DON"T OPEN THE MESSAGE EITHER if you haven't. This is a virus that will take over your e-mail and send out a similar message to your entire address book. It then will s hut down your e-mail . Full disclosure: the publisher of the Millstone, Edith Cody-Rice, opened this e-mail and our apologies for all of your who received this virus from her e-mail account. The Millstone editor account is unaffected. 




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