EAST-WEST at Sivarulrasa Gallery, Almonte

A duo exhibition, June 1 to July 8, 2018
Featured artists: Jeremy Price and David Wilson
Vernissage/Meet the artists: Sat June 9, 3pm-6pm

From June 1 to July 8, 2018, Almonte’s Sivarulrasa Gallery is pleased to present a duo exhibition EAST-WEST, bringing together painters Jeremy Price from Montreal and David Wilson from Vancouver. Both artists explore their urban environments with keen observation and contrasting aesthetics.

Montreal serves as the major inspiration for artist Jeremy Price’s paintings. Their subject matter consists of immersive depictions of the streets and neighbourhoods that compose the city. Jeremy Price paints what he sees every day – observations of people and places from his daily life and commute. He considers the works to be “stagings of the day, of commuting, of living.” Some of the works explore other urban environments the artist has frequented, such as Toronto. Working with oils as his chosen medium, the works are richly nuanced, conveying both mood and an air of mystery. The works reveal the sensitivity and humanity of the artist to the people and places he observes, often depicting fleeting moments from a life that sometimes moves too quickly.

Water, or fluidity, is a pervasive theme that runs through much of artist David Wilson’s work. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the Pacific Northwest, an area renowned for unenviable amounts of rain, this artist sees water as a metaphor for life’s ebb and flow. “In my mind, life is like water in that eventually it finds its own balance and I see that reflected in the way I like to paint”, he states. David Wilson uses representation as well as techniques of abstraction to explore his subjects. Brushes, scrapers, rags, pencils, crayons, spray cans and various other mark making tools are used to apply a variety of media to canvas or board, resulting in works that are brilliant and sombre at the same time.

Vernissage/Meet the Artists: Sat June 9, 3pm-6pm. Artists Jeremy Price and David Wilson will be in attendance.

For more information and available works, please visit our Exhibition Webpage: http://sivarulrasa.com/exhibitions/east-west/

34 Mill St, Almonte