A group show, July 21 – Aug 27, 2017

Featured artists: Deborah Arnold, Dale Dunning, Susan Low-Beer, Marina Malvada, Sanjeev Sivarulrasa.

The word “eclipse” can evoke varied phenomena: celestial events in the sky or personal events in our lives such as an eclipse of the mind or heart. A solar eclipse, when the Moon transits the disc of the Sun, like the partial solar eclipse that will be visible from Almonte on Aug 21, 2017, can have astronomical, mystical, or personal meanings depending on one’s perspective. In celebration of this eclipse, Sivarulrasa Gallery presents a group exhibition Eclipse from July 21 to Aug 27, 2017 featuring 31 selected works from five talented artists: sculptors Deborah Arnold, Dale Dunning, and Susan Low-Beer;  photographic artist Sanjeev Sivarulrasa; and painter Marina Malvada.

Vernissage/Meet the Artists: Saturday July 22, 3pm-6pm

Special Event: Solar Eclipse Viewing, Monday Aug 21, Noon-4pm. A free community event hosted by the Town of Mississippi Mills and Sivarulrasa Gallery. Join us on Almonte’s historic Mill Street, across from the Gallery, to view the partial solar eclipse of Aug 21, 2017 through specialized telescopes and safe solar filters!

Exhibition webpage: http://sivarulrasa.com/exhibitions/eclipse/
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